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New hangers using 3D print

New hangers using 3D print


3D print

The quality and design of frame hangers are crucial for the stability of a frame and for how easy it is to hang.


At Grafik & Foto we have always focused on making strong and easy to use hangers, which actually also adds to the strength of the frame.


Therefore our "Galleryframes" (Gallerirammen) has always had strong hangers in a hidden rabbet at the back.


By utilizing modern 3D printing tehcnology, we are now able to offer even more hangers for our different types of frame profiles.


ophæng til type 3

3D print ophæng

This type of hangers is made from ABS plastic and is used in our "type 3 system" frame profiles. It adds strenght to the frame as well as offering an easy way to hang the frame. By hanging the frame on two nails or screws, it can be easily shiftet from side to side to level it.

The weight of the frame is distributed along the side as well as on the top list. In this ways the frame will hang for many, many years without any deformation.




Also our frameless solutions like Dibond and DiaMount® will benefit from easier and more fleksible hanging solutions using our 3D printet hanging designs.

These round hangers with excentric holes will make it easy to hang and level our aluminum subframes for Dibond and DiaMount.

runde beslag til DiaMount

_DSC0200_1180.jpgTwo of these round hangers, will create a good and sturdy support for the aluminium subframes.



Runde ophæng





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